Contractors License ABC 31578
Cell # 808-232-8521

Construction Services we provide:

Advanced Engineering Construction is a Hawaii state licensed contractor. We are licensed to perform General Engineering construction, General Building construction and some specialty license construction. We will provide subcontractors for all other classifications to satisfy all of your construction needs.

Please consider us for all of your Residential, Commercial, Ground-up, Renovation or Addition work.

We can also provide preconstruction 3D Modeling, which can help identify and resolve problems prior to start of construction. Only professionals fully understand blueprints, but everyone can understand 3D.

If you are planning on purchasing a new or used home, we can provide an ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors) home inspection. This can help identify mistakes and deficiencies of your potential new home before you make that big purchase. The key benefit of having a Licensed Contractor that is also a Home Inspector is that we can also provide ball park estimates to repair any deficiencies.

Another service we provide is Thermography trouble shooting. This is the use of a thermal imaging camera to detect leaks in piping, roofing, walls windows and much more. It can also identify poorly insulated locations where you may be loosing Air Conditioning and driving up your electric bill. It can help evaluate moisture, mold or fire damage. It can also evaluate electrical distribution panels, wiring or other potentially dangerous overheating issues before they cause damage.

We can also incorporate the use of Thermography into the Home Inspection to identify problems normally not visible during a home inspection.